Tax & Succession Planning

There are many issues that come up when you think of starting a business, running a business, and selling or winding up a business. One of the first is usually the question as to whether to incorporate the business but there are others as well that range from owner compensation to allowable deductions and write-offs.

Regardless of the issue you face, we can help you plan ahead to create the best tax results for yourself and your business. By leveraging wealth and tax planning techniques, with corporate and individual tax strategies, we help you achieve your goals.

General tax planning for individuals and corporations

The importance of tax planning cannot be overstated. By identifying and implementing strategies that minimize the amount of taxes you pay for a given period, you can end up with more money for expenses, investment and growth.

Corporate reorganizations

Reorganizing your activities, shareholders, or companies can help you achieve your goals and avoid additional taxation of your business. Strategies such as income splitting with family members, deferring taxes or taking advantage of the available tax rules can help protect your corporate or personal assets.

We can help you prepare and implement a corporate structure that meets all your needs. We can also prepare all documentation and elections needed to implement the proposed plan. We will also work with your legal and financial advisors as needed.

Business succession planning

A good succession plan will help the transfer of your business go smoothly, and allow you to maintain good relationships with employees and business partners. It also helps you protect the legacy of your business, provide financial security for your family and stakeholders and deal with unexpected events such as a major accident or death.

We can help you develop a succession plan that can allows you to make important decisions about ownership, maximizing your company’s value and tax strategies so you reap the rewards of all your hard work.

Retirement and estate planning

Retirement and estate planning can be confusing and stressful. We can help you develop strategies to achieve financial security through government pensions, registered pensions and other savings as well as for the distribution of estate assets in a tax-efficient manner through wills, trusts, and donations to charity.

Other business services we can help you with include:

  • Consultation on new business startups
  • Planning for buying or selling a business
  • Rollover of proprietorship and partnerships to corporation
  • General business advisory services.